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Meet CEO The Kenyatta Nicole

Nora Hair Products was born out of the pandemic when Kenyatta Nicole saw a need to help women maintain healthy hair, scalp, and hair growth at home. This passion for hair care was instilled in Kenyatta by her mother, Nora, who made sure her hair was always done despite being a single parent.

From the age of 12, Kenyatta's love for hair care grew stronger as her mother took her to the salon for her first haircut & color. When it came time to name her brand, she turned to prayer for guidance, and God spoke to her, suggesting she name it after her mother, who had been her biggest inspiration.

Nora Hair Products are infused with natural ingredients that are carefully selected to promote healthy hair and scalp. Kenyatta's ultimate goal is to help women achieve the same salon-quality results at home, whether they can't afford to visit a salon or simply prefer to do it themselves.

With Nora Hair Products, every woman can have healthy, beautiful hair, just like Kenyatta's mom, who always made sure her hair was done, no matter what.