About Us

Natural hair Products Kenyatta Nicole, was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota. She ultimately relocated to Georgia in 2008 – with her husband and Three young boys! 

Ever since Kenyatta Nicole was 12 years old her mom took her to the hair salon to get her hair done. Her mom often struggled but the one thing she made sure of Kenyatta Nicole got her hair done.

Ever since then, the love for hair, the love for the style is why she become a hairstylist. Now she gets to watch women come in her salon look & feel one way, and leave feeling more confidence. 

During the Pandemic the salons shut down for several months. Not having any access to products. Reminded her of a difficult season in her life. Where she couldn't afford to go to the salon.  Kenyatta Nicole decided to start experimenting with different ingredients and products. Sometimes the products would work sometimes they wouldn't. Finally coming up with the perfect product Kenyatta thought about the many women that have set in her chair. That complained about, Dry, flaky scalp, dry hair & hair loss and said if this worked for her this could work for her clients too. 

Kenyatta Nicole started thinking about creating a product line. She went to her husband told him what she was doing. He asked her so what are you going to name it. Kenyatta Nicole, named her product line after the person who inspired her the most, the lady that didn't have the resources, but the one thing she guaranteed, that her daughter hair was done, Nora her Mom. Her mom knew the importance of how it would make her feel as a young girl. 

Kenyatta Nicole created Nora's Hair Products to help women look their best to help them have healthy hair & scalp. To be able to provide them that thing, that's going to give them the confidence they desire. 

Now not only do Kenyatta Nicole have her own salon and doing hair, she also have her own Product Line Nora Hair Care Products. Helping Beautiful women achieve healthy hair & scalp, feel Fabulous & Amazing, at home and in between salon visits.